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Important facts to consider when owning a dog.

If you work full time most breeders would prefer you not to have a puppy. It proves difficult to house train a puppy if you are not there to regularly feed (3 to 4 times a day) and let your puppy out to empty.

Puppies, along with adult dogs need a routine, company and stimulation. Some dogs left for long periods develop anxiety problems and will bark or damage the room they are left in.

You have to consider neighbours and if your dog barks for long periods you will get complaints. Does your life style leave you enough time to properly look after a dog? They are time consuming. Are you very active or do you just want a dog that is happy with a leisurely stroll. This could be the deciding factor as to which breed suits you best.

Also you will need to think about holidays. Would you take the dog, is their someone that would have it whilst you are away or would it have to go into kennels? Kennelling does not come cheap and it would have to be budgeted for along with the holiday.

Good quality dog food is not cheap and a large breed dog will eat a large amount. Vaccinations and insurance are also another expense that needs to be thought about when planning getting a dog. Please think carefully before you buy a dog.

You could save yourself a lot of heartache.

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