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Introducing your puppy to everyday situations.

It’s difficult nowadays to take a dog out and about and into shops. Take your puppy to the pet supermarket and walk it around in the store.

There are lots of smells and sights to see. Also most people will be dog friendly in there and will want to have a few words and a stroke of the puppy. All nice experiences for the pup.

If you have young children at school get the puppy used to going with you when picking up the kids.

Take the puppy in the car on short journeys first. Make sure the pup is secure within the vehicle. Make sure you get the pup used to the vacuum cleaner. Don’t allow it to bark or attack the vacuum. Funny when they are little but a nuisance when they get older.

Don’t leave lights and a radio on for the pup. Get it used to going to bed in the quiet and dark.

The same when you have to leave the pup during the day. When leaving the pup during the day put the puppy where it would normally sleep. Leave it with a toy or a filled Kong and go into another room for a short while. Go back to the puppy if it has been quiet and praise it.

Most pups will only cry for a short while try not to go into them when they are making a noise. Once you start going to them whilst crying you are then rewarding the wrong behaviour, they have got you to do what they want.

It is hard but will usually only last a day or so.

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