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Introducing your puppy to other dogs

If you are taking your dog to a house which already has a dog, try to meet, on the lead, and on neutral ground.

The dogs will sniff around each other and possibly play.

You can then walk back together and they should go into the house without any fuss.

If you are approached by another dog whilst you are out walking with yours on a lead allow the lead to go loose.

Dogs on a lead feel more vulnerable as they are unable to back off. If the lead is loose it gives your puppy room to move around.

If you have a small breed of puppy try not to pick it up when other dogs approach.

The other dog will possibly try to jump up to sniff your puppy.

Let your puppy have supervised play off the lead with other dogs.

Try to choose dogs of a similar size as they are less likely to hurt each other.

. You don’t want your puppy bowling over by a big heavy weight dog.

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