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Introducing your puppy to people.

Don’t expect to be able to plonk a puppy down on the day you got it, amongst a kid’s birthday party or a house full of everyone else’s kids.

Do this gradually, give the puppy time to get used to your family and then gradually introduce it to friends.

When out with your pup if someone wants to stroke the puppy let them.

Make sure the puppy sees young children through to older people.

If you are a house where there is only females make sure the puppy does have contact with males otherwise you will have a puppy that is shy of the opposite sex.

Be careful with children and always supervise them with a puppy.

Small children often squeeze puppies to hard and can hurt a pup by poking it in the wrong places.

If the pup gets hurt by a child at a young age it may never forget the incident and could possibly be wary of children for the rest of its life.

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