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Toilet training.

There are a couple of ways to house train your pet.

You can teach it to use a paper or a pad indoors and then retrain it to go outside.

. I find it easier from day one, as soon as the puppy wakes up or has just eaten, put the pup onto its collar and lead and take it to the area in the garden you have chosen for the dog loo.

Stand with the pup encouraging it to go.

I say “be quick” and as soon as the puppy has a wee or does a pooh praise it.

It is hard work for a couple of days but most pups get the idea quickly as long as you take them to the same place and say the same thing.

With in a few days you should be able to judge when your pup normally goes and just open the door and the dog should go to the spot he is used to.

. If your pup does have an accident inside don’t scold it. Blame yourself as you just didn’t notice the pup needed to go.

It really doesn’t have to take long to house train but it is pretty intense for a few days.

One thing about this method you are getting your pup used to its collar and lead at the same time.

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